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English language contributions

to the Press Conference on 26/10/2021

at the Chamber of Deputies* in Rome

*lower house of the Italian Parliament



Dr Deepa Driver (UK)

trade unionist (member of the NEC

of UCU) and academic researching

state and corporate accountability:

"The case against Julian is

riddled with irregularities

and blatant illegalities."


Daniel Ellsberg (USA)

the Pentagon Papers whistleblower:

"As Julian is today, I, too, was

subject to trial and conviction in

the eyes of our Department of

Justice by a wrongful and

unconstitutional reading of

the Espionage Act."



Paul Jay (Canada)

journalist (

and documentary filmmaker:

"They’re hoping [that their

judicial persecution of Julian]

will intimidate real

investigative journalism."



Gabriel Shipton (Australia)

Julian Assange’s half-brother,

cineast, film producer:

"We live in fear that Julian will

die in Belmarsh Prison, there

were three suicides there

in the last year."



Davide Dormino (Italia)

sculptor of the installation

showing Assange, Manning and

Snowden: Anything to say…?

"Why do we punish the

people that try to remain


Two contributors furnished videos

with subtitles already in Italian:



Yaris Varoufakis (Greece)

founder of DiEM25, MP, former

Greek Minister of Finances:

"This is about our right to

know, a right we have on

paper but not in practice."



Rebecca Vincent (UK)

director of International Campaigns,

Reporters Without Borders, London:

"Now is the moment for action

from Julian's supporters

around the world."

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