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June 19, 2006

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Speaking Out

This section of the site aims at giving visibility to the numerous local protests and rallies taking place across the U.S. every week.

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Activism Spotlight - Speaking Out in the U.S.

Protests, rallies and creative activism in the U.S.

June 19, 2006

St. Paul, Minnesota; Manchester, New Hampshire; Washington State; Fort Worth, Texas; Cleveland, Ohio; Sacramento, California;

Marking the Death of 2500 US Soldiers in St. Paul
Around 100 persons protested the continuation of the occupation of Iraq the day after it was announced that 2500 US troops have died in the Iraq war and its subsequent occupation. The protest took place in front of Republican Senator Norm Coleman's office in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Read a report and see more photos.

Protesting Karl Rove in New Hampshire
Protesters greet White House adviser Karl Rove at a Republican fundraiser in Manchester, N.H.

Read a report with more photos.

Protesting Bush in Washington State
About 100 anti-Bush demonstrators marched nearly three miles Friday through two Seattle suburbs, at one point waving their protest signs and banners as President Bush's motorcade passed by en route from a high-priced Republican fundraising event.

Read a report with more photos and news coverage

Peace in Iraq Caucus in Fort Worth, Texas
Fort Worth Representative Lon Burnham hosted the Peace in Iraq caucus at the Democratic State Convention in Fort Worth. Delegates blew up beach balls for the: Got Balls? End the War protest to be held outside the convention center.

Read a report with more photos.

"War Mothers" at Art Festival in Cleveland
Peace activists participated in the yearly art festival in Cleveland called "Parade the Circle" with a piece entitled "War Mothers", huge mothers with puppet heads draped in black walked behind a war tank with dead children and soldiers in their arms.

Read a report.

Send us reports or photos of activism in the U.S. via email.


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