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Film Series

Eyes Wide Open
Film Series, Part XX
from mid-October, 2017, through mid-June, 2018,
presented by U.S. Citizens for Peace & Justice - Rome.

Circolo Arci Arcobaleno
via Pullino, 1 (Garbatella)
Doors open at 7:30pm, films begin at 8pm.

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Maps & Directions

Doors open at 7:30pm, films begin at 8pm.

Circolo Arci Arcobaleno
Via Pullino, 1

Map and Directions

See map of area
Closest metro station: Garbatella. Take the B Line to the Garbatella stop, exit towards via Pullino, turn right and continue (200mt) across Piazza Albini to Arcobaleno .
By bus: Buses 673 from the Colosseum area and 716/715 from Piazza Venezia.
See the ATAC web site for more options.

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Eyes Wide Open Film Series, 2017-18 season

The USC4P&J documentary films series, Eyes Wide Open, continues in its 20th season with a series of films on alternate Thursdays, beginning mid-October and running through mid-June.

Films will be screened in English at Circolo Arci Arcobaleno (via Pullino, 1, metro Garbatella - see map and directions)

Doors open at 7:30pm, screenings start at 8pm followed by a discussion. Arcobaleno provides the possibility of drinks and/or a light dinner before or during the film.

Films are free although small donations are welcome to cover costs. Arcobaleno requires an annual membership card at 7 Euro/year, which also includes discounts at museums, shops, theatres, etc.


December 14th will be the last film of our "Eyes Wide Open" Film Series, at least for now. Attendance has been dwindling and marketing efforts do not seem to have worked. So it's back to the drawing board to figure out how to better advance our core mission: helping people become more aware of the political and social issues that Mainstream Media whitewashes or ignores -- especially U.S. military intervention in other countries and its disasterous consequences, destroying lives and homes, ravaging the planet, bringing greater misery (not democracy) to the downtrodden and causing (not preventing) terrorism.

When we come up with a better idea for raising consciousness than the kind of film series we've run so far, we'll get back to you.

To those who have participated in our series over the years and have helped to plan and run it, many thanks.

You can reach us at any time by writing to: film-series@gmx.us.


Here is the venue:

You can participate in the choice of films for the rest of the season. How? See the notice in the left-hand column.

Special thanks to the Circolo Arci Arcobaleno for their hospitality and support.

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