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Alternative Media Sources

In English:

Democracy Now! - Listen to the War & Peace report, broadcast daily over the internet (or read the transcript). Democracy Now! is an award winning independent news program hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez.

Truthout - provides original articles as well as news and views from around the globe that don't make it into the mainstream news outlets. Editor: William Rivers Pitt.

Common Dreams - their newswire started in 1998 and brings you unfiltered news from America's progressive community.

AlterNet - a program of the Independent Media Institute, AlterNet has been providing readers with crucial facts and passionate opinions since 1998.

ZNet - features articles on hot-topic issues, sub-sites, translations, archives, links to other progressive sites, and a daily commentary program. The site offers a comprehensive archive of Noam Chomsky's online materials for its users. Also publishes online magazine ZMag.

Electronic Iraq - a news portal on the US-Iraq conflict with a humanitarian perspective, documenting the US occupation and the rebuilding of Iraq.

Occupation Watch - publishes daily a selection of articles covering the occupation of Iraq as well as personal accounts from Iraqi blogs, human rights reports, and more.

Antiwar.com - collection of war related articles from the site whose primary intention is to get past the media filters and reveal the truth about America's foreign policy. Sign up for the daily newsletter.

Michael Moore - official site of Michael Moore, writer, film and television director and producer, and (in his own words) "gadfly of corporations". Includes facts about Mike¹s films and latest projects, newsroom, "Must read" (alternative news), resources, mailing list and message board.

Tom Paine - the site provides a daily collection of news stories and op-ed pieces. Sign up for a free newsletter. Tom Paine was founded in 1995 and is project of the Institute for America's Future.

Mother Jones - an independent nonprofit organization whose roots lie in a commitment to social justice implemented through first rate investigative reporting.


In Italian:

WarNews - founded in November 2003, War News is a group of volunteers working to provide independent news from the various war zones of the world.

PeaceLink - legendary site for pacifists in Italy, providing independent information on conflicts throughout the world.

Reporter Associati - a group of journalists who dedicate their free time to providing independent news.

PeaceReporter - an online daily covering international issues by a group of volunteers.

Zabrinsky Point - alternative news portal.

Osservatorio Iraq - news on the Middle East, a project of Un ponte per..., updated daily.

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