Letter to Condoleeza Rice by
"Jewish and Arab Israeli citizens against war and occupation"

Jerusalem, July 24th, 2006

To Secretary of State
Ms. Condoleezza Rice

Madame Secretary,

After ten days of destruction, death and suffering, you have finally decided to come to our region.

If the goal of this visit is to achieve an immediate cease-fire and an exchange of prisoners of war, to work for the implementation of all United Nations resolutions related to the Israeli-Arab conflict and the fulfillment of all the agreements signed under the auspices of the international community; if you genuinely intend to stop the brutal attacks, destruction and state of siege on the Palestinian and Lebanese populations and other regional violence; if these are your objectives - you are welcome and we wish you success in your mission.

As citizens of the State of Israel, Arabs and Jews, who know well our government and its total loss of control and sanity, we would suggest you not to spare any pressure, political as well as financial, in order to stop it in its present deadly course. As one of your predecessors as the head of the State Department, James Baker, understood well more than ten years ago, only friendly but firm pressure can stop the insane policy of unlimited brutality and bring our leaders back to the negotiation table.

If, on the other hand, your presence in our country is aimed to push the government further in what your President calls a global non-ending pre-emptive war, and to send Israeli soldiers to the front line of your crusade, we ask you to leave our country and to return back home. We and our families do not want to be the hostages and victims of the United States' imperial war.

Jewish and Arab Israeli citizens against war and occupation.

U.S. Citizens for Peace & Justice - Rome, Italy