U.S. Citizens for Peace & Justice – Rome
Mailing List and Forum Rules and Guidelines

USC4P&J has two mailing lists: the Announce mailing list, used by the CCom to communicate official USC4P&J events and initiatives; and the Members' mailing list, open to all members to communicate with others in the group.

In addition to the two mailing lists, there are also the USC4P&J Forums where members can “talk politics” and are free to post as many messages as they want.

Members' Mailing List Rules
Members may post messages to the members' mailing list for the purposes of informing others of news items, articles, forms of online activism, and local events organized by other groups that are relevant to the goal and objectives of USC4P&J.

Members may also use the list to launch an idea for a discussion or initiative, provided they explicitly invite those interested to respond only to the sender in order to avoid back and forth discussion.

The mailing list is not to be used to air grievances; general meetings are the proper venue. The mailing list is not to be used to make personal attacks on other members, the CCom or the group as a whole.

Guidelines for posting:

  1. Help limit list volume by posting no more than two messages per day and by sending private responses, including comments such as "I agree," "me, too" or “thank you,” to individuals, not to the list.
  2. Ask permission from the sender before posting a private message to the list.
  4. If you are having trouble unsubscribing automatically, send a message to info@peaceandjustice.it, not the entire list.
  5. Keep in mind that our mailing list is comprised of people of many different cultures and languages.
  6. Wait overnight before sending passionate responses, and always focus on issues, not personalities.

Consequences for breach of rules and guidelines
The CCom may warn a member whom they deem in breach of the rules and guidelines . If the violations continue, that member's messages to the list will be moderated (i.e. the member's posts will first go to members of the CCom, who will then decide if the post is appropriate or not.) The member's messages to the list will be moderated for 30 days. After that time the member may be restored to normal subscription. If there are continued offences after the moderation period, the member's subscription may be disabled.

USC4P&J Forums
All members of the USC4P&J mailing list are welcome to participate in the forums. You may post as many messages as you like, though we request that you observe the guidelines above with regard to tone and content of the messages. Please contact us for access to the forums: info@peaceandjustice.it.

U.S. Citizens for Peace & Justice - Rome, Italy