U.S. Citizens for Peace & Justice

Press coverage of the Worldwide Anti-war
Demonstrations on September 24

Italian Press Coverage of Our Rally in Rome at the U.S. Embassy
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l'Unità [124Kb]

l'Unità - Roma [135Kb]

Corriere della Sera [117Kb]

il manifesto [60Kb]

Il Tempo [223Kb]

La Repubblica [90Kb]

La Repubblica - Roma [89Kb]

Il Messaggero [151Kb]

Il Messaggero - Roma [77Kb]
Links to Photos of Rome
AP photo of our group and our signs on Yahoo
AFP photo from above on the BBC
Links to Articles with mention of Rome
Short article on London with mention of Rome and Paris
AP article with short mention but way off on numbers! The article was picked up by many including CNN and The Washington Post.
Where to find coverage of Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, London and San Francisco
***Full 2.5 hour video coverage of the Washington, D.C. march on C-SPAN*** [real media]
Democracy Now! coverage of Washington, D.C.
DC Indy Media
Los Angeles Indy Media
San Francisco Indy Media
UK Indy Media
After Downing Street has a collection of links to photos, blogs, video and articles

U.S. Citizens for Peace & Justice - Rome, Italy