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Eyes Wide Open Film Series
Click to see the first films shown when we began in May of 2005.

2011: Petition against foreign military intervention in Syria
A call for diplomacy and a dire prediction (proved correct) of what would happen otherwise.

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Dear Mr. Ambassador
Nine letters to U.S. Ambassador Spogli from 2005-2007.

Eye-opening documentaries from Robert Greenwald
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Eyes Wide Open Film Series,
starting on May 19, 2005

Join us for the USC4P&J documentary films series, Eyes Wide Open. Every Thursday from May 19 to June 16 we'll screen a documentary in English at the Linux Club near the ex Mercati Generali in Ostiense.

Screenings are free of charge. Linux Club requires an annual membership card at the more than reasonable cost of 5 Euro / year (valid until December 31, 2005). Donations to help cover costs of DVDs and shipping are greatly appreciated.

Films will begin at 8pm with a discussion to follow.

The program for the series is as follows:

May 19 - Weapons of Mass Deception
There were two wars going on in Iraq - one was fought with armies of soldiers, bombs and a fearsome military force. The other was fought alongside it with cameras, satellites, armies of journalists and propaganda techniques. One war was rationalized as an effort to find and disarm WMDs - Weapons of Mass Destruction; the other was carried out by even more powerful WMDs, Weapons of Mass Deception.
Director/Producer: Danny Schechter
Run time: 98 minutes
Web site: WMD the Film

Curious about how it went? Read Patrick's account. Or an article by Howard.


May 26 - Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire
The film examines how a radical fringe of the Republican Party used the trauma of the 9/11 terror attacks to advance a pre-existing agenda to radically transform American foreign policy while rolling back civil liberties and social programs at home. The documentary places the Bush administration’s false justifications for war in Iraq within the larger context of a two-decade struggle by neoconservatives to dramatically increase military spending in the wake of the cold war, and to expand American power globally by means of military force. At the same time, the documentary argues that the Bush administration has sold this radical and controversial plan for aggressive American military intervention by deliberately manipulating intelligence, political imagery, and the fears of the American people after 9/11.
Produced by: Media Education Foundation
Run time: 64 minutes
Web site: Hijacking Catastrophe


June 9 - Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism
"Outfoxed" examines how media empires, led by Rupert Murdoch's Fox News, have been running a "race to the bottom" in television news. This film provides an in-depth look at Fox News and the dangers of ever-enlarging corporations taking control of the public's right to know. The film explores Murdoch's burgeoning kingdom and the impact on society when a broad swath of media is controlled by one person. Media experts, including Jeff Cohen (FAIR), Bob McChesney (Free Press), Chellie Pingree (Common Cause), Jeff Chester (Center for Digital Democracy) and David Brock (Media Matters) provide context and guidance for the story of Fox News and its effect on society
Director/Producer: Robert Greenwald
Run time: 114 minutes
Web site: Outfoxed

Curious about how it went? Read Stephanie's account.


June 16 - Unconstitutional: The War on Our Civil Liberties
The fall of 2001 brought us assaults against Americans' comfort zone on many fronts. We learned that we could fall victim to attacks on US soil and we learned that those guarantees provided to us in the Constitution were equally vulnerable. Unconstitutional provides the facts and stories that illuminate administration lies, wrongheaded policies, and the real victims of these actions--the American people.
You'll get the real story behind the USA PATRIOT Act and other administration policies and the gut wrenching stories behind those affected--from law-abiding store clerks to United States Olympians unable to travel. It'll remind you of what America used to stand for and what it seems we're falling for now. In short, this one-hour film will affirm why you're angry and give you a tool to help others join your ranks.
Director/Producer: Nonny de la Pena
Executive Producer: Robert Greenwald
Run time: 66 minutes
Web site: Unconstitutional

Curious about how it went? Read Judith's account.

Download a PDF flyer for the film series.

Special thanks to the filmmakers and producers as well as Linux Club for their support.

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Film Series

Eyes Wide Open
Film Series
Presented by U.S. Citizens for Peace & Justice - Rome.

Films begin at 8pm.

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