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Israel/Palestine Resource Center

The following are sites providing news, comments and analysis on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


www.stopthewall.org – news, comments, analysis and reference materials, very up to date.

www.electronicintifada.net – news, comments, analysis and reference materials, very up to date.

www.palestinemonitor.org - news, fact sheets and reports.

www.sabeel.org – Christian ecumenical grassroots liberation theology movement, mainly articles but some news too.

www.maannews.net/en - on-line news agency, part of an NGO which aims to improve Palestinian media production. Composed of nine TV stations and production studios in the West Bank and Gaza and the site provides up to date information and photos of what is going on in Palestine.



www.kubush.co.il - news, comments, analysis and reference materials, up to date and well organized.

www.haaretz.com - Israeli daily newspaper.

www.gush-shalom.org - reports on activities of Israeli peace movement.

www.btselem.org – web site of the Israeli information center for human rights in the occupied territories.

www.icahd.org – articles and information from Israeli Committee on House Demolitions.

www.rhr.israel.net – web site of the Rabbis for Human Rights.

www.machsomwatch.org – regular reports on the activities at the checkpoints from the Israeli women who monitor them.



www.alternativenews.org – up to date articles on web site of Israeli-Palestinian monthly magazine.

www.imemc.org - Up to date news items on the web site of the media center developed by Palestinian and international journalists to provide coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

www.ifamericansknew.org – site established by US journalists to inform the public on issues of major significance that are unreported, underreported, or misreported in the American media.

www.endtheoccupation.org – site of US coalition working to end the occupation by challenging US policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Good for action alerts including calls to contact congresspersons.

See also the PDF file included with the film Peace Propaganda and the Promised Land which includes links to numerous web sites, from media critiques, to alternative sources of information to human rights advocacy groups in Israel, Palestine and the US.



Courage to Refuse - founded following the publication of The Combatants Letter in 2002, by a group of 50 IDF combat officers and soldiers.

Combatants for Peace - a group of former IDF combat soldiers and Palestinian combatants working together for peace.

Yesh Gvul - Israeli peace group campaigning against the occupation by backing soldiers who refuse duties of a repressive or aggressive nature.

Refuser Solidarity Network - formed in April of 2002 to provide support for the growing Refuser Movement in Israel.


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TRUMP IS IN TOWN! Protest rally Tuesday,
May 23rd, 7:30pm,
in Rome, piazza Bologna

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Iraq Deaths Estimator
Did someone tell you that U.S. military intervention in Iraq was over? Not true: we're at it again. This time the pretext to drop bombs is "curbing ISIS" (which was created by the U.S. in the first place, to overturn Assad in Syria and al-Malaki in Iraq, and is now out of hand. Like what happened to "our" creature al Qaeda in Afghanistan). And the death toll continues to rise...
Write your senators and tell them: "Enough! U.S. out!! Iraq has shown it can defend itself from ISIS!"

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