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News programs and documentary films you can watch over the Internet

News Programs

Democracy Now! - independent news program hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzales. Watch the one hour broadcast Monday through Friday. Browse the archives for past editions.

Mosaic - aired on Link TV, Mosaic presents a selection of unedited news programs by state controlled and private networks in the Middle East, dubbed in English where necessary. Watch episodes on their web site. The archives go back several years. The site also contains information on the countries and networks covered. Winner of the Peabody Award.

C-SPAN - public service channel created by the American cable television industry provides coverage of proceedings in the House and Senate. Called by Gore Vidal "the one truly, if unconsciously, subversive media outlet in these United States."

Telesur - watch this recently-launched Latin American television network over the internet. Programs are sometimes in English with Spanish subtitles. Click on Señal en vivo.

Information Clearinghouse - on the left bar of the home page, the Information Clearinghouse has a number of links to documentaries and video of news broadcasts.

The Daily Show - on the lighter side, Jon Stewart gives us an alternative point of view of world affairs with a healthy dose of satire.


Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear - 3 part series by the BBC. "In the past our politicians offered us dreams of a better world. Now they promise to protect us from nightmares. "
Part I - Baby It's Cold Outside
Part II - The Phantom Victory
Part III - The Shadows in the Cave

Fallujah: The Hidden Massacre - RAI News 24 documentary on the use of white phosphorus in Fallujah. By Sigfrido Ranucci and Maurizio Torrealta.

Taliban Country - documentary film by Australian journalist Carmela Baranowska. The film was made in June 2004 as she spent time embedded with the Marines and then traveled on her own in Afghanistan.

Preventive Warriors - documentary by Michael Burns and Greg Ansin on the National Security Strategy released by the White House on September 2002. In a special edition of Democracy Now! on Memorial Day 2005, the full film was aired.

Hotel Palestine: Killing the Witness - excerpts of the documentary film produced by Telecinco on the attack by US soldiers on the Hotel Palestine in Iraq, killing Spanish cameraman Jose Couso and Ukrainian journalist Taras Protsyuk.

Bush family Fortunes: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy - excerpts from the documentary by journalist Greg Palast dealing with George W. Bush's military record, including interviews with his college roommates and Texas Air National Guardsman Lt. Col. Bill Burkett.

Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death - U.S. broadcast premiere on Democracy Now! of the documentary film by award-winning Irish filmmaker Jamie Doran. The film provides eyewitness testimony that U.S. troops were complicit in the massacre of thousands of Taliban prisoners during the Afghan War.

Truthout Multimedia - collection of documentaries, news video and short films from Truthout.

Guerrilla News Network - offers a selection of videos you can view online, many focusing on the war in Iraq.

Filmmakers Against War - this site, run by a group of activists, filmmakers and artists, offers a unique collection of films, many of which you can view over the Internet.

In italiano

Arcoiris - una televisione accessibile gratuitamente da Internet con un archivio di più di 3700 filmati.

Fallujah: La strage nascosta - filmato di RAI News 24 sull'uso di fosforo bianco a Falluja. Di Sigfrido Ranucci e Maurizio Torrealta.

Nassiriya agosto 2004, un giorno di guerra - filmato di RAI News 24 sulla battaglia dei ponti a Nassiriya.

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Did someone tell you that U.S. military intervention in Iraq was over? Not true: we're at it again. This time the pretext to drop bombs is "curbing ISIS" (which was created by the U.S. in the first place, to overturn Assad in Syria and al-Malaki in Iraq, and is now out of hand. Like what happened to "our" creature al Qaeda in Afghanistan). And the death toll continues to rise... Just Foreign Policy Iraqi Death Estimator

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