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U.S. Citizens for Peace & Justice - Rome

USC4P&J is a non-partisan group of U.S. citizens and international friends who firmly believe there can be no peace without justice. We work to spark debate, raise consciousness and promote positive change through self-education, outreach events and direct nonviolent action.

We believe in the sovereignty of nations and oppose any attempt at military and economic domination of other peoples; in particular we oppose attempts at "regime change" through invasion and occupation and reject the concept of preemptive or preventive war.

We are in favor of negotiation and diplomacy to resolve differences and settle conflicts between peoples and therefore oppose the recourse to war as a means of "establishing order", "bringing democracy" or "eliminating terrorism"; indeed, we consider war to be both an act of terrorism and a breeding ground for terrorism.

We defend human rights and oppose all abuses including torture and rape, imprisonment without due process and the use of chemical, atomic and other weapons of mass destruction.

We believe that those who have abused the human rights of the world's citizens need to face legal prosecution.

We believe that internationally, but particularly in the U.S., military spending needs to be decreased and spending be increased to guarantee basic social services to all citizens.

We believe that economic and political -- but not military -- means should be used to halt nuclear proliferation and to put pressure on all current nuclear powers to disarm. The United States should lead the way by giving the right example, i.e. by initiating unilateral nuclear disarmament at home.

We believe that free and fair elections are one of democracy's core rights and need to be protected.

We believe that open debate and an accurately informed public are fundamental elements of a healthy democracy.

We are firmly convinced that by taking an active role in democracy and promoting social justice, citizens can bring about long lasting, positive change.

As U.S. citizens living abroad, we commit to:

  • stay involved in U.S. politics from overseas;
  • work locally with Italian groups to achieve our common goal - peace and social justice;
  • be part of the bridge making this an international movement;
  • make our voices heard both at home and abroad.

We welcome all individuals interested in promoting a just and sustainable global society.

U.S. Citizens for Peace & Justice

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Petition to put an end to the sanctions against Syria - their only effect is to take a terrible toll on the population, causing them to migrate! Sign the petition promoted by the Italian-based Committee to lift sanctions against Syria. For more information...

Did someone tell you that U.S. military intervention in Iraq was over? Not true: we're at it again. This time the pretext to drop bombs is "curbing ISIS" (which was created by the U.S. in the first place, to overturn Assad in Syria and al-Malaki in Iraq, and is now out of hand. Like what happened to "our" creature al Qaeda in Afghanistan). And the death toll continues to rise... Just Foreign Policy Iraqi Death Estimator

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